Passive house

29. dubna 2009 v 20:06 | Jarka
We are a family of four from Slovakia. This blog is about constructing of our passive house. The construction is combined of light isolating walls of wooden truss girders and hard accumulating inner brick-walls. Isolating walls and roof are filled with mineral wool (thickness 40 cm). We want to achieve very low heating expenses - max. 15 kWh/m2 per year which is approx. one eighth of the average for a normal house. It will also contribute to limit our carbon dioxide emissions. Our ambition is: to build the family house at a relatively low price - comparable with "normal" house. Photodocumentation is divided into parts: Project - Projekt, Building - Stavba, Expenses - Náklady. We look forward to your reactions and ideas. You can add your question or comments at the end of the articles (public) or through "Message for the author - Zpráva autorovi" (privately).

Jarka and Pavol

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